AG Teufel

AG Teufel - Novel Enzymatic Reactions In Bacterial Secondary Metabolism

The Teufel group investigates the enzymatic formation of complex pharmacophores from antibiotics and other bioactive natural products as well as enzymatic antibiotic resistance mechanisms. Our research program hereby centers on structural and mechanistic enzymology and lies at the interface of chemical, biological & pharmaceutical research. We employ diverse methods, e.g., chemoenzymatic total synthesis, biochemical analyses (e.g., HPLC-MS, NMR & UV-Vis spectroscopy), protein X-ray crystallography, molecular biology/genetics, biotechnology/bioengineering, synthetic biology, chemical synthesis, and metabolomics. For detailed information about the research program or to inquire about open positions, please contact:

Dr. Robin Teufel (E-mail: robin.teufel@zbsa.de).

Teufel lab @ Twitter: Teufel labs twitter

group photo oct 2019 

AG Teufel October 2019 (f.l.t.r): Robin Teufel, Arne Matthews, Britta Frensch, Melanie Spieker, Raspudin Saleem-Batcha, Ying Duan, Lei Zhang and Thorsten Lechtenberg.


Center for Biological Systems Analysis

University of Freiburg


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    Habsburgerstr. 49
    79104 Freiburg
  • Delivery entrance:

    Hauptstr. 1
    79104 Freiburg


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