Group head

Günter Roth

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Günter is a physicist (diploma) and biochemist (also diploma). He did his PhD in combinatorial chemistry and developed several high throughput screening systems. During his postdoc at IMTEK he developed and implemented assays on the LabDisk as well as single cell applications. He became a PI at BIOSS in 2009. Since summer 2013 he has been leading his own group at the ZBSA and wants to make the vision of a “biomolecule copier” become reality. Furthermore he is an advisor for Freiburg's IGEM-Team 2015.

PhD students

Jürgen Burger

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Jürgen is mechanical engineer (master) and expert in machining technology and device construction. He is leading technician in building up the biomolecule copier device, the according fluidics, the implemented label-free detection system and the analysis software for generation of binding curves. Finally he aims to analyse interaction networks including on- and off-rates as well as Kd-values.

Normann Kilb

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Normann is biologist (diploma) with a biomolecular background in influence infection pathways. Actual he is realizing the cell-free expression in the biomolecule copying process to enable later the DNA-to-Protein copy step. His focus is to copy His-tagged proteins onto Nickel-NTA coated surfaces and he aims finally for analysis of codons as well as interaction networks on a molecular level.

Christin Rath

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Christin is biologist (diploma) with a background in aptamer assays. She realizes the DNA-to-DNA copying process, which is the initial step in the biomolecule copying. She aims for realizing a novel aptamer selection method with a throughput of 10,000+ aptamers per run. The method will be named AptaSWIFT.

Tobias Herz

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Tobias is biologist (diploma) and worked with electron transporters in extracellular respiration processes. He also works on cell-free expression to realize the DNA-to-Protein copy process, but with a focus onto Halo-Tag and Halo-Tag-Ligand surfaces. His final aim is to investigate initiation sequences and their impact onto expression yield and speed.

Philipp Meyer

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Philipp is microsystems engineer (master) with a background in microfluidic development and characterization. He actual works on the PDMS flow cell design and the microfluidic layout for faster and more reliable assembly and kinetic measurements.

Johannes Wöhrle

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Johannes is microsystems engineer (master) with a background of centrifugal microfluidics and DNA extraction. He is designing the cartridges in which the copying process takes place and improves the existing DNA-to-DNA coyping cartridge.

Master students

Currently there are no Master students in the group  

Former staff members

Nessim Ben Ammar

Nessim realized in his bachelor thesis the temperature control system for the DNA-to-Protein copying step and built up a software for faster image processing and analysis.

Stefan Krämer
(former Master student)

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Stefan was enroled in a masters program called biochemistry and biophysics at the University of Freiburg. In 2013 he participated in the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition (see the team page --> Link ). In our group he worked on his master thesis in which he started to establish a DNA-to-DNA copy process applicable to a CRISPR/Cas 9 assay. In parallel to this project he was also an advisor of the iGEM team Freiburg 2015

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