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Project: Systems biology modelling of Streptomycetes


Streptomycetes are important bacteria for producing natural drugs such as Daptomycin and Tacrolimus. Unfortunately, they produce these vital antibiotics only in low yields. To increase production of required products in this project a systems biology approach is applied. The existence of galore of genetic biological information and systems metabolic engineering tools can contribute to engineer an overproducer of important secondary metabolites of the genus Streptomyces.

Flux balance analysis (FBA) is one mathematical approach and will be applied for studying biochemical networks, in particular the genome-scale metabolic network reconstructions. These network reconstructions contain all of the known and recognized metabolic reactions in an organism and the genes that encode each enzyme. Finally, this model can be used to calculate flow rates of all reactions (fluxes) for an optimal production of secondary metabolites.

The project involves multiple steps among which genome annotation of i.g. Streptomyces TÜ6071 is already accomplished by the research group Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics (Erxleben et al., 2011). Further Gap-filling is the process which involve inserting reactions from reference Database, reversing direction of reactions and addition of reactions to complete the metabolic reaction network.

The goal of this project is to apply an approved metabolic model that can be applied for rational metabolic engineering approach of an overproducer of important antibiotics.


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