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Dear user,

We appreciate your interest in conducting research in collaboration with the Core Facility Proteomics (CFP) in the ZBSA.

Proteomics is a powerful and versatile technology ranging from single protein identification to quantification of hundreds of proteins. In order to tackle your needs and provide the best solutions for your scientific goals, we would like to get as many information about your project as possible and maintain a personal contact with our users.

Therefore, if you are a first time user or feel the need to discuss your proteomic needs, we would like to get in contact with you. Please send us an e-mail to:  cf_proteomics@zbsa.de 

Please consider that projects conducted at the CFP, and thus in the ZBSA, have to meet the common public interest requirement for work performed at the ZSBA. In addition, the CFP has to keep track of projects conducted in collaboration. Therefore, we ask our users to submit the two documents linked be

The first PDF (project registration.pdf) needs to be completed only once for each project, but it has to be signed by the Principal Investigator of the applying project.

We ask you to complete the second PDF (sample registration.pdf) each time you submit a sample to the CFP. This form allows us to keep track of the different samples submitted and provides information on the tasks to be performed.  If in doubt, omit the respective fields and bring the sheet together with your sample and we will discuss further proceedings.

The user fees listed in the linked document, are fees for routine measurements.  If your projects involve non-routine or advanced approaches charges will be discussed with you individually.



Important disclaimer

Due to a restricted space to store data, the CFP will only store files from mass spectrometric measurements for a time period of one year. However, if users of the CFP are interested in keeping the data for a longer period, they will be provided with a copy of the files to be stored at their own responsibility.


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