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The three Core Facilities Proteomics, Metabolomics and the Life Imaging Center, are the central institutions of the ZBSA. The Core Facilities provide primary data for use by Data Analysts and Modelling Engineers in the development of realistic and comprehensive models of complex biological systems. Together, the Core Facilities are able to elevate primary data into outstanding temporal and spatial resolution, providing the foundation for the development of comprehensive models of complex biological systems. The specialization of each Core Facility ensures an excellent quality of data acquisition.


Core Facilities
Area of Expertise
Life Imaging Center Temporal and spatial high resolution data acquisition using several imaging techniques, especially fluorescence and confocal microscopy
Metabolomics Quantitative data acquisition of metabolite concentrations and  fluxes in animal and plant systems
Proteomics Quantitative proteomics and phosphoproteomics



Center for Biological Systems Analysis

University of Freiburg


  • Address:

    Habsburgerstr. 49
    79104 Freiburg
  • Delivery entrance:

    Hauptstr. 1
    79104 Freiburg


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