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News Item Aberrant B-Raf Signaling in Human Cancer − 10 Years from Bench to Bedside.
Roering M, Brummer T; Centre for Biological Systems Analysis (ZBSA), Faculty for Biology, and Centre for Biological Signalling Studies BIOSS, Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg, Germany; Critical Reviews in Oncogenesis, 2012, Volume 17 / Issue 1
News Item Functional characterization of cancer-associated Gab1 mutations.
Ortiz-Padilla C, Gallego-Ortega D, Browne BC, Hochgräfe F, Caldon CE, Lyons RJ, Croucher DR, Rickwood D, Ormandy CJ, Brummer T, Daly RJ.; Oncogene advance online publication, 2 July 2012
News Item Distinct requirement for an intact dimer interface in wild-type, V600E and kinase-dead B-Raf signalling.
Roering M, Herr R, Fiala GJ, Heilmann K, Braun S, Eisenhardt AE, Halbach S, Capper D, von Deimling A, Schamel WW, Saunders DN, Brummer T; The EMBO Journal (2012) 31, 2629 - 2647
News Item The RhoGAP protein Deleted in Liver Cancer 3 (DLC3) is essential for adherens junctions integrity.
Holeiter G, Bischoff A, Braun AC, Huck B, Erlmann P, Schmid S, Herr R, Brummer T, Olayioye MA; Oncogenesis (2012) 1, e13; doi:10.1038/oncsis.2012.13
News Item Metadherin exon 11 skipping variant enhances metastatic spread of ovarian cancer
Metadherin exon 11 skipping variant enhances metastatic spread of ovarian cancer. Haug S, Schnerch D, Halbach S, Mastroianni J, Dumit VI, Follo M, Hasenburg A, Köhler M, Dierbach H, Herzog S, Proske A, Werner M, Dengjel J, Brummer T, Laßmann S, Wäsch R, Zeiser R. Int J Cancer. 2014 Oct 25. doi: 10.1002/ijc.29289. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 2534649

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