The Core Facility Proteomics (CFP) offers a large variety of different analytical methods for the analysis of peptides, proteins and proteomes. The main focus of the Core Facility Proteomics is the qualitative as well as quantitative analysis of complex proteomes and the characterization of post-translational modifications (PTMs).


It is the aim of the CFP to offer the best possible approach to answer the needs of our cooperating partners. We therefore work in close collaboration with them to envision and implement individual solutions for specific challenges.




Important disclaimer

Due to a restricted space to store data, the CFP will only store files from mass spectrometric measurements for a time period of one year. However, if users of the CFP are interested in keeping the data for a longer period, they will be provided with a copy of the files to be stored at their own responsibility.



Center for Biological Systems Analysis

University of Freiburg


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